Thank you Megan and Sammy for the excellent outcomes

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We recently bought a property in Armstrong Creek through Armstrong Real estate and were impressed with their professionalism and promptness in responding to our queries. As potential buyers and having seen many properties in the area, we recognise the difference between excellent and mediocre agents. Megan has a very good knowledge about the development in the area and potential growth. She provided inputs to do a comparison between properties which helped us to finalise our purchase.

After the purchase, we hired them for leasing the property. Within no time, Sammy contacted us with an application from potential tenant. She explained the process and provided a detailed rental history of the tenants and was there to answer all our queries. So even before the settlement we had the tenants signed up!   In our experience with Sammy, she demonstrated excellent customer focus and service and we would highly recommend her and the entire team at Armstrong Real estate! Thank you Megan and Sammy for the excellent outcomes.